Shri Ramesh Gowani- proudly religious and fiercely committed to social welfare

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Shri Ramesh Gowani- proudly religious and fiercely committed to social welfare
Shri Ramesh Gowani- proudly religious and fiercely committed to social welfare

New Delhi : We often come across industrialists and entrepreneurs making it big in their fields, venturing into multiple businesses, evolving as big names, creating employment, giving interviews and doing a lot more. However, how often do we come across entrepreneurs who do a lot for society without expecting recognition in return? Corporate social responsibility initiatives are common, but many of them stay only in the camera eye, social media handles, and the CSR pages on their websites. However, some among them are different and make contributions that speak for themselves. Take Shri Ramesh Gowani for instance. Industrialist and real estate tycoon has done a lot for society and the people without expecting any coverage. When we approached him for a comment, he said that all his social contributions were out of love and compassion and he expects no recognition or appreciation.

If one looks at Ramesh’s portfolio of achievements, they are impressive, but what he has given back to the community is phenomenal. Some of his most striking contributions to society include the establishment of numerous temples and dharamshalas. This includes Monhankheda jain mandir, Jain mandir, Mahalaxmi Mumbai, Jain mandir, Mulund, Mumbai, Jain Mandir, Nepean Sea road, Mumbai. The man behind many successful commercial and residential buildings in Mumbai took up these projects to express his gratitude to god for bringing him where he is. He also wished for people to get places to pray peacefully. Mr. Ramesh fondly remembers his parents who loved visiting temples and regarded it as a great privilege to help those in need. A young Ramesh, who lost his father early in life has inherited these values from his parents.

The Dharamshalas that he has built have been offering subsidized shelter to devotees and also to those in need. During the nationwide lockdown, they served as a roof above the heads of several people who were away from home.

On the professional front, Shri Gowani is the owner of Kamala Mills, the man behind the introduction of the fashion brand Gabbana in India, the person highly responsible for the growth of the renewable energy sector in India, and a real estate tycoon who has been at the driving position for several amazing properties in India.

Ramesh started from scratch after his father’s death and took a significant amount of time to find his footing in the field of business. His professional achievements are noteworthy and his philanthropic efforts set him apart from the other achievers in the space. Mr Gowani wishes to work harder in the field of religion and poverty alleviation and envisions a future full of peaceful places of worship and free of suffering.

We hope he achieves his goals and continues to serve the same way.