This is why India is not accepting UAE's Rs 700 crore aid

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This is why India is not accepting UAE's Rs 700 crore aid
This is why India is not accepting UAE's Rs 700 crore aid

New Delhi : India has not yet approved UAE's financial aid of Rs 700 crores for flood-hit Kerala. While the move is being criticised by several leaders and people; here is why India cannot accept the aid.

How much losses has Kerala received so far?

Amid heavy rains since August 8, over 230 people have reportedly been killed, more than 10 lakh people have lost their homes and are living in the shelters. Property losses have gone more than Rs 30,000 crores.

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UAE's proposal for help

On August 17, Vice President of UAE Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum offered Kerala a financial aid. He did three tweets to address the situation. In his first tweet, he mentioned how Kerala has played a significant role in the development of UAE.

In the second and third tweet, he mentioned how UAE has formed a committee to ensure all possible help for the people of Kerala.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also thanked Maktoum for his offer and said how his concern shows better relationship between India and the UAE.

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Why UAE wants to help Kerala?

As mentioned in the tweets, Kerala has played a vital role in UAE development. It is believed that one person from the three houses work in Gulf countries.

Why can Centre not accept the financial aid?

After tweets by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Vijayan it looked like India will accept the financial aid; but this cannot happen because of a policy made by Manmohan Singh during UPA's tenure.

Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said, "India will not accept any international aid till the time it is capable of dealing with the situation on its own.

Why was this policy made?

There were two reasons why UPA had made such policy of not accepting foreign aid.

1: If India is capable, it will not accept the aid.

2: Accepting aid from one country unlocks door for other countries and there will be no explanation on rejecting other nations.