Unofficial new image of Rs 200 note goes viral on internet

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New Delhi : Amid reports claiming Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may release new Rs 200 currency note, an image claiming to be of it has gone viral on the internet.

Though no authenticity of the image has been proved yet but the picture is being circulated massively over the social media platforms, hinting at the Rs 200 specimen minted Mahatma Gandhi New Series is already out in the market.

Till the time there is no official news about it, we would say it is a brilliant photoshop job done to make people believe Rs 200 note is coming soon.

The note seems to have all the necessary security features and watermarks mentioning Rs 200. There is also Rs 200 written in Hindi more than once. The color of the note has also been kept different from Rs 500 and Rs 2000 note.

Earlier, LiveMint had reported that the RBI Board cleared a proposal last month to introduce a note in this denomination, pending clearance from the Centre.

Across the world only Euro comes in a 200 denomination, otherwise this is not a popular one.