Pyramid Party of India to hold a silent rally at Jantar Mantar on March 31

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Pyramid Party of India to hold a silent rally at Jantar Mantar on March 31
Pyramid Party of India to hold a silent rally at Jantar Mantar on March 31

New Delhi : Pyramid Party of India will conduct its first-ever silent rally (Maun Dhyan) at the historic Jantar Mantar on March 31, 2019, to usher in the new era in Indian politics. 

The silent rally gathering will be a highly energised deep music meditation session which will be attended by Pyramid Masters and party members from all over India. 

Pyramid Party of India (PPOI) has been fielding candidates in South India now envisions to scale up its reach by making its presence felt in the North Indian states. The party has already released its manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections and with the 'Maun Dhyan' it wishes to draw the attention of the voters towards it.   

The founder of the Pyramid Party of India, Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, “Pyramid Party of India (PPOI) is going to organise a silent rally (Maun Dhyan) on March 31 at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Our party will contest on Lok Sabha seats in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi NCR. We will field candidates for every assembly seat and we are confident about creating a much-needed stir to co-create a self-empowered and self-governed nation."   

Talking to the media, Madhavi D, National Secretary said, "Pyramid Party of India is formed to transform all the People of India into meditators, enlightened persons, vegetarians and peace-loving people during our current lifetime itself through the methodology of the Electoral Process. Only Enlightened people are the right people for Good Governance. Let us choose and elect only the Enlightened Masters."  

Giving an update on the Party’s activities, North India General Secretary DLN Shastri shared, “We are already doing various activities across the North Indian states of Uttrakhand, Gujarat, New Delhi, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to spread awareness of this great new age movement. The Maun Dhyan (silent rally) is another step towards that direction.”