Making music for action films a big challenge: 'Commando' composer

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New Delhi : Composer Mannan Shaah, who has worked in films "Commando: A One Man Army" and "Commando 2: The Black Money Trail", says composing music for an action movie is a very big challenge.

"Composing for an action film is a very big challenge in itself, especially when it comes to giving it a musical value. I am blessed that the first film that I composed for was an action film. It was a different type of a creative high that I felt when the music of the same was received well by the audience as well as critics," Shaah told IANS in an email interview.

He is set for another challenge -- "Namaste England".

"It's a far bigger challenge as I believe that a music composer's biggest challenge is to pull off a soundtrack of a love story as music plays one of the most important roles in a love story," he said.

Talking about how he got to associate with "Namaste England", helmed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Shaah said: "'Namaste England' came to me a couple of years back while I was working on 'Commando 2'. I have been a part of its script narrations and I've read the script almost five times before I started working on it."

"I had prepared a few compositions while working on 'Commando' and 'Commando 2' which Vipulji had already heard and he liked some of those which is when I started jamming with him on a few more songs and after those few more jam sessions with him, 'Namaste England' happened."

The film stars Parineeti Chopra, who also sings.

"I love Parineeti's voice. I would love to record a song with her sometime soon. My bad that she hasn't sung for this film, but there's a song picturised on her and it's beautifully rendered by Shashaa Tirupati," he said.

"We've tried to create a complete album with all varied genres. There's romance, dance, fun, celebration, emotion, hope and sufism. We've tried to cover almost every genre that an album of a love story should have," he added.