Daily-Wear Gold Bangles You’ve Always Wanted

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Daily-Wear Gold Bangles You’ve Always Wanted  (Image: Pixabay)
Daily-Wear Gold Bangles You’ve Always Wanted (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Gold bangles are more of an emotion than a mere piece of jewellery for Indian women. Apart from the aesthetic factors, daily wear gold bangles hold a traditional as well as historical significance in a woman’s life. 

We all have grown up looking at our mothers and grandmothers adorning their gorgeous daily wear gold bangles. In fact, when we still hear them jingle around, they bring a sense of nostalgia to us. 

Dressing your hands is one of the most expressive ways of dressing up. Moreover, unlike the traditional times, you can find beautiful yet subtle daily wear gold bangles for women of the modern times at Mia by Tanishq. So, go ahead and fashion your hands with gold bangles to make your beautiful hands do the talking with Mia by Tanishq.

Read on to look at a perfectly curated list of daily wear gold bangles you will surely adorn. 

1. Yellow-White-Rose Gold Bangle

If minimal and classy is your style, this dainty daily wear gold bangle is the right choice for you. Crafted with gleaming 14 karats yellow gold, this exquisite piece has graceful white and rose gold geometrical figures on top. Pair this with your daily office formals or with a jumpsuit to get a desirable outcome. 

Source: Mia by Tanishq 

2. Yellow Gold Pie Crust Bangle 

This chic gold bangle is a must-have jewellery for women. With trefoil cut-out motifs and a sleek ridge in the centre, this bangle would work as a cherry on the top of a fancy kurta or a combination of crop top and skirt. A flawless blend of modern and traditionalism, this daily wear gold bangle is everything you need to amp up your everyday look. 

Source: Mia by Tanishq 

3. Yellow Gold Bangle That Carries the Colors of Spring 

How would you feel if the colors of spring could be brought down to give a mesmerizing look to your wrist? Exquisite, beautiful, and just right for every occasion, this thing of beauty is crafted with three-petaled flowers studded with colorful ombre stones. The highlighting feature of this gold bangle is the three studded diamonds sparkling in the centre of every radiant flower. 

Pair it with stylish long chain drop earrings and shower your beauty wherever you go. 

Source: Mia by Tanishq 

4. Gold & Diamond Bangle 

If you firmly believe in the phrase “less is more,” this gold bangle embodies your personality best. An elegant rose gold bangle with screw-like indentations on one end and diamonds studded on the other remarkably represents the modern lifestyle and artistic features. Wear this gold bangle on your party top or a sequined dress to see its magic. 

Source: Mia by Tanishq 

5. Sleek 14kt Gold Bangle  

This intricately designed gold bangle will give you a bold enough look to sway everyone away with your magical aura. With four elongated diamond encrustments, the jali work done on a gold finish delicately enhances the radiance of this gold bangle. Pair this with a designer saree or a party gown to bask in all the compliments coming your way. 

Source: Mia by Tanishq 

Where can you buy these elegant daily wear gold bangles? 

You could skip all kinds of accessories with your outfits, but your look will not be complete if your wrists are all bare. Daily wear gold bangles have a unique way of adding elegance to your look. They not only bring oomph to your outfit but also beautify your hands. 

If you are curious as to where you can find these amazing gold bangles, Mia by Tanishq has something special for every occasion. From simplistic to intricate designs, everything can be found at Mia by Tanishq.