How less is more? Anushka's minimal makeup look guide

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How less is more? - A minimal makeup guide to look prettier (Image: Pixabay)
How less is more? - A minimal makeup guide to look prettier (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Have you noticed the elegant Deepika Padukone flaunting minimal makeup in most of her looks? Ohh God, I have and I am swaying on it! The chic minimal makeup look has proven "Less is More" in the look-game.

How do you get a great "MINIMAL MAKEUP" look?

Girls and guys, skin prep changes the game! It’s necessary for you to prep that beautiful face before you get on with the makeup. CTM approach is the simplest way for the skin preparation. 


And wait a sec, you are not moving to the second step without the SPF, forget your coffee but never forget SUNSCREEN, sun or no-sun outside but a sunscreen on the face is NECESSARY!

The next step, is a beautiful base. You can use a CC or BB cream or a foundation according to your choice. Highlighting concealers are IN-GAME. Put a little on the outer edge of your lower waterline and blend it upwards to get that chiseled face. 

Next is the FLUSH-BLUSH. There are many tricks of applying the blush and you can choose any that best compliments your face and specially YOUR HEART!

And the game changer is the EYE makeup, minimalistic kohl look or the thinnest eyeliner is what’s buzzing these days. Choose anything that just shapes up your eyes nothing over the top. 

The lips do the end magic, choose subtle browns, nudes or pinks that don’t pop too loud! Spritz that setting pray and you are all set!

Let’s go rock that "Less is More" game.

About the author

ANUSHKA: Media student, an anchor and fashion-beauty enthusiast. My ultimate goal is to ace the art of sharing my message to the splendid community of new era fashionistas. 


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