'Lady Hut Apparels' Trending On Social Media

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'Lady Hut Apparels' Trending On Social Media
'Lady Hut Apparels' Trending On Social Media

New Delhi : Addressing his subscribers and thanking all of them, Khalid Bashir said, "This is for you all", as he opened the You Tube Silver Play Button upon hitting the target of 1 Lakh subscribers. This milestone was achieved exactly 10 months ago and now Khalid Bashir and his team is moving towards their next target of You Tube Gold Play Button.

So, the first two questions that arise here are- Who is Khalid Bashir ? And why did he get the you tube silver play button?

Dedicated and consistent hard work of 17 years made Khalid produce his own company known as-Lady Hut Private Limited – a registered company with its own trademark. It has become the most frequently sought after name when it comes to clothing and fashion.

Khalid Bashir is the name which is known for the brand 'Lady Hut Apparels'. A Kashmiri brand originated by Lady Hut Private Limited-Lady Hut Apparels is renowned for the designs and choices that it gives in apparels. Bridal Dresses, Pakistani Suits, Designer Dresses, Digital Printed Lehengas, Partywear Dresses, Latest Tie and Dye dresses, Floral Sharara Dresses, Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees and  Collection of Bridal Imported Net Suits with Detailed Handwork are a few of the varieties to enlist here.

The You Tube Silver Play Button was proudly received by Khalid Bashir and his entire team on 30 Oct,2021. This filled the entire team of 'Lady Hut Apparels' with  enthusiasm and motivation to work harder in the coming future.

Talking about the initial days of struggle which went into bringing this brand, Khalid says,"I used to buy clothing items from retailers here then sell them to customers with zero margins, just to gain market share.After toiling hard, I went outside to purchase stock and the rest is history. It was after a lot of hard work, I was able to set up my business. Today Lady Hut is a registered company and has its trademark. I have 35 employees working with me and recently we launched our website where we offer cash on delivery options as well to customers.”

The success of this brand lies in its goal itself. Khalid Bashir throws light upon his deep thoughts behind launching this brand. He says,"Today, we design our products ourselves, my focus is to preserve our culture, through my designs I am doing my bit to introduce our traditional clothing culture to the younger generation."