Monsoon Hair Care Tips: Here's how you can protect your hair during this weather

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Hair Care
Hair Care

New Delhi : Monsoon is here and monsoon is known to bring a lot of trouble for our skin and hair. This weather is known to wreak havoc on our beauty and especially our hair. We all love our hair and have a fixed hair care routine to keep our hair healthy and shiny. Monsoon is a menace for our hair and this is why we need to have a special monsoon hair care routine to deal with monsoon hair troubles. Monsoon brings along with it a lot of humidity which can make your hair frizzy and cause dandruff and hair fall. This is why it is essential to tame your tresses and keep them smooth and manageable during this crazy weather. Instead of dealing with hair problems, you can easily prevent them by having a proper monsoon hair care routine and never neglect your hair no matter what. Here is a simple monsoon hair care routine that you can follow for happy hair.

1. Always wash your hair if you get drenched in the rain. The rainwater has certain impurities which can be harmful to your hair and scalp and can lead to bacterial or fungal infection. Shampoo and condition your hair to keep them clean.

2. We tend to wash our hair too often during the monsoon, this is why it is important to keep them nourished and moisturised during this time. Use a good hair cream or hair serum and don't forget to oil your hair at least once a week no matter what.

3. Pamper your hair with hair spa at home with easy home remedies like a mixture of curd and honey or neem and turmeric. This helps in keeping your hair nourished and healthy.

4. Apply a DIY hair mask on your hair at least twice a week. This helps in hydrating your hair and reducing the frizziness.

5. Watch your diet. What you eat plays a big role in how your hair behaves. This is why it is essential to eat healthy in order to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair fall.

6. Avoid heat styling your hair during this season. The humidity sucks out the natural moisture from your hair and heat styling just makes it worse. Try to keep your hairstyles basic and simple and avoid using too many styling tools and products on your hair.