Payal Keyal: Every Diva's Favorite

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Payal Keyal: Every Diva's Favorite (Image: Payal Keyal)
Payal Keyal: Every Diva's Favorite (Image: Payal Keyal)

New Delhi : Among the many shining stars of ShahjahanaBad (Delhi-6) are the beautiful designs by Payal Keyal in the grand store of Asiana Couture. And why wouldn't it be? Bedazzling, innovative and perfection is what you will find in these designs. She has created marvelous designs suited for any occasion. Her talent and state-of-the-art designs have made her not only renowned in India but across many other countries!

Flamboyant wedding dresses are her speciality. The brilliant Payal Keyal is a favourite among divas all around, due to her gorgeous and avant-garde designs. She also specialises in making glamorous sarees, lehengas, gowns, Anarkali, Shararas and Indo-Western, and many more which has attracted a lot of audience. These are not all but just a few of her creations. 

With a high level of dexterity, she has represented her nation in top-level fashion events like Indian wedding 2017 and Budapest 2017 in Hungary. Her designs were showcased with incredible grace and beauty which earned her recognition all around. 

The talented fashion designer is an expert in giving life to designs with intricate and ornate detailing which is eye-catching and sensational. Her social media depicts the true potential she holds when it comes to awe-inspiring fashion. She is an unstoppable force when it comes to designing incredible outfits.

“The moments in which I am involved in the process of designing, feels almost spiritual to me as it connects my soul to the expression of my deepest emotions and sensibilities. It is in this way that I can feel the freedom using my creativity with my roots set in the traditional ways, yet my wings flying in my imagination.” she tells Forbes about her design sensibilities. 

When asked about her social responsibilities, she says, “I have always felt the need to give back to the society as much as I take from it. So, I firmly believe in the principle of minimum wastage and maximization of resources.” where she promotes sustainable fashion to its fullest.

She connects her life with design with her motto. She says, “The one thing that I swear by is that every artist, at heart, needs to be true to their own self. It is only then that they can be able to explore within and even outside the parameters of their own sensibilities and aesthetics to create something truly unique and signature.”

Payal Keyal has a long way to go with her distinguished thinking and immense talent. This is just the beginning of a very prosperous fashion designing career that is ahead of her. She promises to bring a revolution to the fashion industry with her spectacular ideas and breathtaking designs.