Skincare, make-up tips for brides

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Skincare, make-up tips for brides
Skincare, make-up tips for brides

New Delhi : To look your best on your wedding day, remember to use natural skincare products and use mineral make-up to cover the finest lines of dryness, suggest experts.

Raj Parikh, skin expert and dermatologist at Aveeno India and Aashmeen Munjaal, wedding planner at Starstruck Wedding Designer, have listed how a bride-to-be's life can become easier:

* While selecting a moisturiser, look out for products with naturally active ingredients because nature has the power to to nourish, soothe and even transform your skin.

* While there are tons of natural options available, one easy and safe option is using oatmeal. The special properties of oatmeal give it an enhanced ability to lock-in moisture and relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin.

It also acts as a skin protectant active ingredient, restoring skin's normal pH and that helps in preventing and relieving dry skin.

* For winter weddings, the skin needs the proper steps of bleaching, threading and a massaged skin is important in the dry weather.

* It is better to use mineral make-up as it suits every skin or silicone make-up to cover the finest line of dryness. If you are using air-brush instead of putting normal foundation, put silicone make-up in air brush.

* Don't forget the lipcare routine and wear the right lipstick which is long lasting. It is advised to try out lipsticks days before your wedding to avoid panic at the last moment.