Top model Karan Oberoi has a Special Message for the youth

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Top model Karan Oberoi has a Special Message for the youth
Top model Karan Oberoi has a Special Message for the youth

New Delhi : At times, we observe that youngsters use gimmicks like bodybuilding, boasting about costly devices & vehicles, and rash driving to play cool among peers, friends and the opposite sex. And without a doubt, what is topping the reasons for fatal deaths and heavy destruction is rash driving. Unquestionably, this approach to playing cool around is indeed uncool and is making youngsters pay a hefty price for it.

We have seen callows getting influenced by their favorite actors, fitness models, and Bollywood stars, so much so that they put efforts to look like them, dress like them and definately behave like them. Recently one of the most influential fashion model, actor, fitness model and "youth icon in our country", Karan Oberoi, who is majorly followed for his fitness and style, has come up with a video message. This time, this top male model has a special message for the young passionate bike riders.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Karan can be seen driving a bike in the total swag, with all safety cogs. He is also urging his followers not to rashly ride on roads and to always put their safety gear on. With this initiative, Karan Oberoi has made impeccable use of his position to spread a great message to youngsters of India. He has also been seen emphasizing wearing helmets and rigorously following traffic norms. 

Additionally, to the young men who think they can grab eyeballs by driving their pretty vehicles fast. Allow us to share the secret, which Karan has given in his video that is very straightforward "Drive Slow and be Safe." Only that can get you a few flickers from the masses. 

We always get to see big stars advertising, commercial brands, products deals & even promoting their upcoming projects online and offline. It is rare and noteworthy to see such a big star and a top model use his social apparatus to educate young boys on such a sensitive and crucial topic. 

Karan is one of the renowned names in the modeling industry. Youngsters have always admired him for his perfect body and fashion style. Needless to mention about his work, He has walked the ramp for several big commercial brands such as Aldo,  Jack & Jones, Lamborghini,  FTV, Shoppers Stop, LG electronics, and McDowell's Signature. Karan has also modeled for commercial and digital advertising campaigns for brands like  Royal Enfield, Timex watches, Viva fitness, British Nutrition, Reebok and Isuzu.

His notoriety as a model via web-based media channels has driven him to rise as a well-known Youth Icon and made him acquire the honor of 'The Young Symbol Model' at the Global initiative honors held in April 2018. He is also among the most followed youth icons on Instagram.