5 Best Bihari Cuisine Cloud Kitchen and Cafes in New Delhi/NCR

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5 Best Bihari Cuisine Cloud Kitchen and Cafes in New Delhi/NCR
5 Best Bihari Cuisine Cloud Kitchen and Cafes in New Delhi/NCR

New Delhi : The foodie inside you, is it a craving for some homemade dishes? Or are you an epicure, craving for something that you might not have relished? Well, you are at the right spot, we will guide you in the right direction to the places in Delhi NCR that are serving mouth-watering Bihari cuisine that will just liven up your taste buds and will quench your appetite for the desi food. Skim through the below list to have a clear picture in your mind:

The Chhaunk

Started in July 2021, Gurgaon based The Chhaunk, a cloud kitchen startup exclusively offers homemade Bihari food prepared with homegrown spices with eco-friendly packaging. They believe in quality and there is nothing better than homemade food. You will experience a burst of flavour with every yummy bite and will fall in love with the stories that bind every dish together. The brand has tied up with Dunzo, Zomato, and Swiggy, the food will be on your table in less than 30 minutes with absolutely no fusion, a 100% authentic traditional way of preparation is followed. With Specialized Chef who will prepare your food in the exact way our moms have been preparing, you will experience the same love.

The chhaunk offers foods like Jhalmuri, Chura Matar, Bajka, Chura Badam, Dal Puri with Kheer, Sattu ki Kachori, Pulav, Litti Chokha, and Sattu Sharbat to name a few. The food items range between Rs 110 and Rs 445.     

Every dish tells a story from the rich culture of Bihar. The rich history of the forgotten land can be rallied through the dishes offered by the Chhaunk.

Here's the link from where you can order the food online - https://www.zomato.com/ncr/the-chhaunk-south-city-1/order

The Potbelly Rooftop Café

One of the very few Bihari eateries in town which is kind of a café. The place has vibrance along with Bihari delicacies. The plus point is the rooftop seating and free Wifi. Along with the popular litti chokha, other Bihari dishes are also served like baggia basket, Maher, sattu cooler, and chaps.

Magadh And Awadh

This is a super cool joint in Gurgaon where you can enjoy the Bihari delicacies alongside live music, sports screenings, free Wifi, and much more. The dishes you should definitely try are litti chaat, bhuna maans and Magadh wali maans kebab.


If you are a fan of the Bihari delicacy, litti chokha, then this is a place that you should definitely visit. This place serves different varieties of litti. This is a pocket-friendly place that offers an amazing taste. The dishes that are a must try are obviously litti chokha, mutton curry and sattu paratha with ghoogni.

Bihar Ki Rasoi

Nestled in a quiet corner in the otherwise lively place, Dilli Haat, this joint offers a large variety of dishes from the streets of Patna and multiple choices for the main course. This is a perfect place to chill and has the most vibrant décor. The dishes that are a hit among the customers are egg rolls and litti mutton which has a blend of flavours.