Delicious Iftar menu is here: Happy Ramzan 2018

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Mouth-watering dishes for Iftar
Mouth-watering dishes for Iftar

New Delhi : The holy fasting month has started and it is time to savour the tasty Iftar menus. Muslims who keep roja eat before sunrise (Suhoor or Sehri) and then refrain from eating or drinking anything throughout the day. In the evening, people break their fasts after sunset with a meal called 'Iftar'. Special food items are prepared in the houses and restaurants, making each day wonderful for food-lovers. 

According to Islamic tradition, Ramzan is celebrated by observing fasts which is a way to inculcate stoicism and a sense of self restraint. Traditionally, people break their fast by eating dates along with juice, milk or water. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad ate three dates when he broke his roza. The fragrance of Iftar meals rise high with variety of delicacies. Some most popular items in the menu are: Mutton curries, desserts, cooling sherbets, chicken soup, onion based meat curries, kebabs, pulao and so on. 

In India, especially in Hyderabad, make-shift food courts are installed in every nook and corner of the town. Haleem and Harees are some must-have meat dishes in the Ramadan month. The Hyderabadi Haleem is very popular across the globe. Muslims in Kerala and Tamil Nadu break their roza with nonbu kanji, a dish prepared with meat, veggies and porridge. People also adore their Iftar menu with have jalebis, sweetened drinks, parathas, rice preparations, meat curries, fruit salads, shami kebabs, piyajoo, beguni etc. In addition the fragrance of irresistible biryanis in Lucknow, Hyderabad and other Muslim populated areas attracts not only local people but also foreigners.

In short, Ramzan month is a month for foodies. The day long restrains are swept off when you end up your day with some mouth watering dishes.

Happy Ramzan!