Jacqueline Fernandez shares her diet, cheat meals: Steal some tips

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Actor Jacqueline Fernandez
Actor Jacqueline Fernandez

New Delhi : Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is a diva in Bollywood. She is among the active actors in social media. If you visit her Instagram account, you'll see her stunning pictures all which show offs her collection of stylish outfits. Besides stealing some fashion ideas, you shall notice the actor in various yogic contortions, sometimes upside down, doing a split or a breathtaking cross-legged yoga posture while supporting herself with a pole in mid-air.

Jacqueline's Instagram account is loaded with various videos of her. Her yogini avatar is tough so as her solid yoga routine. As we browse through her Instagram posts, we came across a quote, like the one which says, "You're going to be happy" said life. But first I'll make you strong."

Also, there is private side to Jacqueline, which just like in most celebrities we don't know about, but is hinted at in another post, " I like the real you more than the Instagram you."

To recall, Jacqueline is the winner of the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant (2006) was in Delhi and along with RAW Pressery she hosted 'Yoga Rise' at Andaz Delhi in Aerocity, a community-based wellness property launched by RAW Pressery that aims to spread awareness about yoga and health.

When media asked Jacqueline to speak something about yoga, diet, cheat meals she shared the following interesting facts about her daily life.

You struck a yoga pose on a pole captioned 'Yogini', and on Twitter.

How long have you been into yoga?

I started my journey with yoga around 10 years back but then left it. All these new fads came in, then there was weight training, pilates- of course, they're all amazing, but I ended up forgetting about yoga. And then just about six months back, I decided that I wanted to do something more holistic and yoga for me was that workout.

It wasn't about building muscle or losing weight or stamina. It was about going down deep inside and seeing what my body can do and taking it there.

I realized that there was a lot more communication happening and a lot more attention given to myself instead of stress and thoughts and work and social media. So I really started enjoying it and am really happy that I got back into it.

Who is your style icon and why?

Kendal Jenner. I think she has really great taste in clothes because she is not overwhelming and at the same time she is classic and keeps things fun.

Do you believe in cheat meals?

Usually, I try to keep a really strict diet throughout the week and only cheat on a Sunday. Sometimes it's a pizza or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a chocolate milkshake. Having said that, we do travel to a lot of places while shooting movies, so in that case, if there's something that I really crave which I know I won't get again in a long time, that's when I make an exception to the cheat meal.