Placate your taste buds with Chawla'

Placate your taste buds with Chawla'
Placate your taste buds with Chawla'

New Delhi : The supremacy of food is really spiritual, it not only brings the family together but also brings the entire world on one plate and that’s what Chawla’s2online has done for the Indian food. All those who love Indian food, their go-to-destination is Chawla’s2online. The brand is trying to take the hierarchy of the food chain to the next level.

Chawla's2online brings an assortment of dishes to treat the taste buds. A variability of North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisine id offered without the use of any preservatives or food color. 

Chawla’s2online uses the concept of virtual kitchen which is a new age concept, talking about it, virtual kitchen is the ‘in-house kitchen’. This kitchen is operational from the house and everything is cooked in the house and then supplied to different places. Chawal’s2online and associated brands are having around 300 branches all across Delhi and NCR and is an exclusively delivery based multi brand food outlet or kitchen. 

The owner of Chawla’s2online Mr Gaurav Kumar Aggarwal is seen as a pioneer in the hospitality sector and with the concept of virtual kitchen he is trying to set a new trend.

The goalmouth of Chawla's2online is to serve with authentic and delicious food at a great price. The brand is truly dedicated to providing an upscale experience at a reasonably priced worth. The menu encompasses the very best of North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines and includes vegetarian, meat and seafood. Chawla’s2online   is driven by the imperative mission of preserving the authenticity of true North Indian cuisine, with its trademark substratum of Punjabi flavors

Chawla’s2online has come up with an online website which comforts the delivery all over India, along with the idea of supplying late night, with the maximum delivery time of 4am.

Mr. Gaurav owner of Chawla’s2online says, “I have been experimenting on various food model from past few years and over the years execution and studying working of all aggregators have concluded to this multi brand virtual food brand model which gives uniform quality food all around the globe existence of brand. With this model a brand can expand into global food chain within short span of time. ”.

Mr Gaurav also owns many other food brands such as wat-a-biryani,Navab’s,Sethi’s, Delhi Food Factory,Lost in Pizza, Foodsingh by Masterchef SiddharthaTalwar and Public café. 

In the future the brand visions to move on to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and other metro cities within the next quarter.