6 Signs that indicate your job is causing a burnout

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Job Stress
Job Stress

New Delhi : In today's time, we all work really hard. We spend most of our waking hours at our office. Maybe the coronavirus lockdown gave us all an opportunity to work from home and spend some time with our families as well but even during this time people can still feel overworked. We tend to stress a lot about our work and coping with work stress can often take a toll on our health, especially our mental health. While most people fail to take note of this, many companies understand the concept of job burnout and try to ensure that their employees don't suffer from it. Burnout is when you the stress and work makes one feel worn our, exhausted and empty. It is basically a type of mental exhaustion which has physical symptoms as well. Burnout can affect your work and can make life very difficult if it is ignored. This is probably why numerous companies try to ensure that their employees have a light weekend and try to keep fun activities during the week to lighten up the mood. 

1. When your work starts to make you feel unhappy and alienated, it might be a sign of job burnout. Many people begin to despise their work and emotionally distance themselves from their work and work life. 

2. Job burnout can make people feel exhausted and they tend to lack the energy that they had earlier. They begin to feel drained and you may even notice a change in the person's personality. 

3. This might even take a toll on your productivity and performance. You may find it difficult to concentrate on your work and may even lack creativity. You might stop enjoying your work and it may seem more like an obligation. 

4. Just the thought of getting up in the morning and going to work can make you cringe. You may even spend your week waiting for the weekend and hate it when it comes to an end! This is a clear sign that you lack motivation and feel frustrated. 

5. Someone suffering from a job burnout may seem withdrawn and may refuse to communicate with their colleagues and avoid spending time with their work friends as well. They may also seem angry and have negative emotions and feelings about their work and workplace. They may even have outbursts due to the stress and lead to interpersonal problems.

6. You may not be able to enjoy job satisfaction and may feel stressed and overworked. Many people tend to constantly think about work and their job when they suffer from job burnout. They may think of leaving their job or sometimes even running away.