Monsoon Pet Care: Follow these tips to keep your dog healthy during the rainy season

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Monsoon Pet Care
Monsoon Pet Care

New Delhi : Monsoon is here and we all know that this change in the weather brings a lot of drama and trouble. Monsoon is the time when everything is damp and there's a lot of humidity. This rainy weather also brings along with it a lot of disease and health problems and we all take a lot of care to ensure that we stay safe and healthy but for those of you who are pet parents, it's also essential to remember that your darling furry baby also needs extra care, love and attention during this time. We all take our dogs out for a walk no matter what the weather may be and we also take them for fun playdates and while normally this wouldn't be a problem but during the rainy season, it can be a hassle. With all the mud and puddles and the weather conditions, your pet child may catch and infection or end up walking into the home with a lot of dirt and fall sick. This is why we need to take special care of our pooches during the monsoon. 

1. The first thing to remember is that you should definitely deworm your pet child before the monsoon starts because they're prone to a lot of infections and diseases and parasites may make things harder for them. 

2. Always remember to keep your pet child's coat clean and dry no matter what. Damp fur can lead to a lot of skin problems and infections, especially fungal infection. Make sure that you wash them with warm water and dry them with a towel or a hairdryer after you get home from walks or playtime or playdates. 

3. Monsoon is the time when your pet is more prone to ticks and clear. Try to stay away from grass and greenery as this may put them at the risk of a ticks or fleas infestation. Check your pet's coat everyday while you groom them and ensure that you keep an eye out for any ticks or fleas. 

4. Keep their paws and ears clean and dry. Wipe down their paws with soap water and then with some warm water after a walk. Use a tissue to dry it after that. Check your furry baby's paws for any cuts or wounds because if your dog has any open cuts or wounds, the chances of infection during this time are high. 

5. Ensure that your dog stays away from dirty water and does not consume it at any cost. Maintain hygiene and keep their utensils clean as well. Cover their food and put it away when they're not eating in order to protect it. Provide them with clean filtered water to drink.