Affordable and accessible: Online Teleconsultation plan by Bajaj Finserv

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Affordable and accessible: Online Teleconsultation plan by Bajaj Finserv
Affordable and accessible: Online Teleconsultation plan by Bajaj Finserv

New Delhi : With the advancement in technology, telemedicine or teleconsultation has gained worldwide popularity. It extends remote medical care and is exceptionally beneficial for both patients and healthcare providers.

One can assess a wide range of medical care options through telemedicine services, such as psychotherapy, primary care consultations, and emergency services. Further, with this treatment option, patients are no longer required to visit the doctor's clinic and wait in long queues. Instead, you can consult the doctor from the comfort of your home through online doctor consultation.

Why opt for teleconsultation?

Unlike regular medical consultations, teleconsultations happen virtually or over a phone call. Apart from extending comfort and convenience, it offers the following benefits to patients:

● Easy access

After visiting a doctor's clinic, you need to get an appointment first and then wait in the queue to see the doctor. Meanwhile, most online medical networks offer round the clock teleconsultation services. It means patients can avail themselves of services at any time of the day or night without any appointment.

However, a point to note here is that reputed doctors or specialists in demand may need prior appointments or slots for teleconsultation.

● Cost-effective and time-saving

Online healthcare is cost-effective and saves time. It is highly effective for individuals who require regular doctor consultations. Since it does not need one to visit anywhere, it leads to lower secondary expenses, such as transportation costs.

Moreover, it also saves time going to a clinic and waiting there to see a doctor. A few policies also offer the option for a free online doctor consultation, but the plans for these may differ variably. 

• Round the clock medical attention

Fevers or flu-like symptoms can come unannounced, even in the middle of the night. Rather than browsing the internet to look at the symptoms, one can directly seek online consultation from a preferred medical platform. This way, you can get expert diagnoses and answers to all your questions.

Moreover, the comprehensive nature of these platforms ensures that one can access every service under one roof.

● It eliminates the need to save medical reports

With teleconsultation, the need to answer the same questions repeatedly decreases. This is because the platform saves the patient's medical data electronically for further use. This way, patient management becomes way more accessible. Further, leading online doctor consultation platforms maintain high privacy in patients' records. Thus, you can receive diagnosis reports and e-prescriptions from the comfort of your home.

● Reduced chances of catching a new illness

When you visit a hospital or clinic, you get exposed to pathogens, leading to illness. This factor is evident in the current global health crisis. However, with teleconsultation, a patient remains safe inside their house, thus, reducing the chances of catching viruses and germs.

With a host of benefits, teleconsultation can help treat various medical conditions. Although the cost for online doctor consultation in India is on the lower side, you can make it even more affordable by purchasing the Bajaj Finserv Health Prime plan. Read on to know what this plan covers.

Why purchase Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Plan?

Health expenses are on a constant rise throughout the country. Further, the hectic lifestyle of individuals nowadays limits them from obtaining regular health check-ups. Bajaj Finserv extends Health Prime to ease these concerns with a curated programme to help individuals save up to Rs. 15,000 on health expenses.

The plan offers many benefits, such as unlimited tele and video consultations, complementary health check-ups, etc.

Here's what the plan covers:

● Unlimited doctor consultation

● 10% off on radiology and pathology tests

● 10% discount on various pharmacies across India

● Lab testing facilities at selected labs and diagnostic centres

However, the benefits of the Health Prime plan are only limited to teleconsultation, and in-hospital treatment does not fall under this plan.  

How to purchase Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Plan?

Becoming a member of India's online doctor consultation plan is extremely simple and convenient. One needs to follow these steps to get a subscription to the Health Prime plan:

Step 1: Visit the Health Prime page

Step 2: Click on 'Buy Now'

Step 3: Fill in the application form by entering a few details, such as name and mobile number

Step 4: Make the membership payment

Following this, the individual receives the membership details via email. 

Teleconsultation is a valuable option for patients to obtain quality medical services. However, individuals must check the doctor's specialisation and reviews before proceeding with the treatment.

Furthermore, individuals can also opt for additional coverage from the Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions services extended by Bajaj Finserv. Under this facility, there are more than 380 health products and 470+ Pocket Insurance products available against a nominal membership fee starting from Rs. 19.