Best fitness apps to lose weight and gain muscles

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : With so many tasks to do in everyday life, we almost keep on moving like a machine. And, in the chaotic run will forget to stay fit and healthy. Though some companies have come up with fitness bands to help users monitor their health and habits, it is often kept inside the wardrobes. Now-a-days, smartphone is a must-take object and owing to its importance in one's life we have listed some interesting fitness apps that are must try. 

The fitness apps that will help you to lose weight and gain muscles are:


This workout app helps users count their calorie and helps in meeting their calorie goals. The MyFitnessPal helps in keeping a check on the food habits and accordingly set the goal. The main highlights of the app include recipe import feature, which helps in determining the nutritional status of your homemade meals. Also, the app also keeps an eye on restaurant order recommendations and helps users make healthy choices when eating out.

Lose it! Calorie Counter

The app tracks what you eat in a day. It contains a huge database of different kinds of food and helps break down every meal in the form of breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. Using this app one can manually log food, scan barcodes or even log just by clicking the image of the food, using the 'Snap It' feature.

Seven- 7 Minute Workout

This app requires seven minutes of your time, every day to let you get time for gym. In this app, the workouts range from the ones that are specific to certain parts of the body as well as overall body routines. It is a perfect fitness app for busy individuals.


This workout app is perfect for people who like running and cycling. This app helps users in tracking stats like speed, pace, distance and calories burned while working out. It also has a built-in network that lets users share stats and is compatible with most GPS running watches and activity trackers.


If you are into a homely routine exercise then this app is just perfect for you to track your progress. This app is built for people aimed to get leaner, stronger and fitter with less time in hand. All one needs to do is set the goal and enter it in the app as well as your current fitness levels. Once done, the users will be assigned a six-week workout schedule with exercises and weekly goals.