Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Secret: Here's how this diva got back in shape

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Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Secret: Here's how this diva got back in shape
Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Secret: Here's how this diva got back in shape

New Delhi : Weight loss and not easy. as we all know. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication keep going and shed weight. Now imagine having to lose 25 kilos in just 4 months! Remember that trend #LoseItLikeBhumi? It was all about Bhumi Pednekar and how she managed to shed 25 kilos is so little time. Bhumi Pednekar has always been loved for her flawless skin and her fitness. She is known and praised for her acting skills and her performance in nearly every film that she's been a part of. Bhumi Pednekar's debut film was Dum Laga Ke Haisha. After she was cast for the film, she was asked to put on 20 to 25 kilos for her role in the film. She made the unconventional choice to take this risk. But she did not let her weight hamper her life. By the time the film was released she managed to shed nearly 10 kilos and within 4 months she managed to shed more than 20 kgs. With sheer determination and dedication, Bhumi Pednekar managed to maintain a strict workout routine and followed a diet which helped her get back in shape and this has left us all inspired. It's time we take a lesson out of her book and learn her weight loss secrets which can help us lose weight. Here are Bhumi Pednekar's weight loss secret which can motivate you to get back in shape.


Bhumi Pednekar believes that aside from working out it's also important that we stop sitting in one place throughout the day. She believes in getting up and moving around as much as she can. She loves dancing and includes it in her workout regime. She also goes running every now and then and does functional and weight training to maintain her stamina and strengthen her muscles. Swimming is also a part of her workout routine. 


Bhumi Pednekar does not believe in crash diets and turned to simple home-cooked meals to stay fit and healthy. She has a sweet tooth but she replaced sugar with natural sweeteners like honey. She also made sure to drink at least 7 litres of water daily in order to detox her body. She does not believe in starving herself and always makes sure to reward herself with a delicious cheat meal after every 5 days. She ensures that her meals are high protein and cooked in healthy oil.