Coronavirus: Here's why you need to stop work from bed and start working from home

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Work from bed
Work from bed

New Delhi : Our lives were turned upside down 3 months ago when the coronavirus lockdown was announced. We've all been stuck at home struggling to keep up while this virus continues to spread and claim lives one after another. With no cure or vaccine, it has become increasingly difficult to contain and control this virus and this is why we all have to accept that it exists and continue to live. But our new normal is very different. 

The world could be ending and we will all still be busy doing our work and that has been our constant but our constant has also changed a lot. We have now started working from home instead of waking up every morning and rushing to work and while this has been quite a relief for those of us who miss out on spending time with their loved ones, it also has some drawbacks. This has turned our disciplined and healthy lifestyle into an absolute mess. 

We now wake up and get straight to work. Our sleep cycle has changed and it has affected our routine. Most of us now stay up till late and most of us spend our days in bed working from under the covers. While this may be very comforting and fun, it's not really a healthy practice. Our work can take a toll on our lives and make it very difficult to maintain boundaries, especially now that it is the new norm. Most of us end up spending all of our waking hours working, though there's nothing wrong with that we do need to set some boundaries and goals irrespective of our work schedule and coronavirus. 

Start by making positive changes around you. Do not work from your bed. Your bed is for catching some sleep and not for work. Get out and away from your bedroom when you have to work. Pick a dedicated spot at home which can be turned into a comfortable workspace. This can be a healthy move for your physical and mental health. Force yourself to follow your old routine and get back into your habit of sleeping on time. Working from your bed can lead to a lot of health problems. It increases your screen exposure time and disrupts your concentration. It is also difficult to sit in a proper posture when you sit on the bed with your laptop which can lead to backaches and cause discomfort. Remember to sit in a proper position and take small breaks in between and walk around the house a little. Follow your regular working hours and do not work after your working hours. Start on time and get your work done on time and step away from your workspace. Use the rest of your time for yourself and your loved ones.