Coronavirus: How to remain fit during lockdown

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Coronavirus: How to remain fit during lockdown
Coronavirus: How to remain fit during lockdown

New Delhi : People across the world are practicing home quarantine amid scare to spreading coronavirus due to social interaction. With around 1300 cases reported in India, people have been locked inside their houses due to ongoing lockdown.

Despite the fact that you are living inside your house, it is important that you don’t lose focus from what you are eating and also the exercises which you must do everyday so that exta kilos are not coming on to your body.

A little cardio on a daily basis is most important. You can walk around the house, jog and perform jumping jacks. Climb up and down the stairs three times a day.

“Target different areas everyday — arms, legs and abs. Squats, cross lunges, sidekicks are great for legs. When focusing on abs, do crunches and planks with variations. Make sure you do two to three sets for a 25 to 30-minute workout with 15 counts. Rest for 20 seconds between each. Warm up and cool down before and after,” fitness expert Kitty Kalra told Hindustan Times. 

-Do breathing exercises for 15 minutes daily.

-Try and bring down your meal portion size; we usually control our number of meals but forget about the quantity consumed in each.

-Eat at fixed intervals. “Start your day with lemon and honey water, followed by breakfast at 9.30am. Have lunch at 1pm, followed by a cup of herbal tea at 3pm and then indulge in a snack at 5pm. Tea, buttermilk, lemon water, fox nuts, chilla, channa chaat, roasted channa, eggs, popcorn, a simple sandwich can be a few healthy snack options. Have dinner between 7pm and 8.30pm,” suggests nutritionist Tripti Tandon.

-Avoid processed food and go for raw food instead. Fried food is a big no as you need to keep the stomach at ease.

-Have a lot of water. Add lemon to it or make fruit-infused drinks to keep you going throughout the day.

-Cut down on carbohydrates. “The capacity of the body to burn food goes down (due to reduced physical activity at home) so make sure you cut down on your intake of carbohydrates. An ideal meal would be one with fruits and vegetables as they are high on nutrients, and especially fruits with high vitamin C content. Also, make sure you walk after every 30 minutes and stretch after every two hours,” advises nutritionist Kavita Devgan.