CPR training session held at Bihar Bhawan in Delhi

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CPR training session held at Bihar Bhawan in Delhi on Monday (June 24)
CPR training session held at Bihar Bhawan in Delhi on Monday (June 24)

New Delhi : A CPR training program was organized at Bihar Bhawan Delhi on Monday. In the program, officers and employees of Bihar Bhawan, Bihar Niwas, and Bihar Sadan were trained on how to save lives using Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique. The training was given by the Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor of Medanta Hospital, Shanky Dagar. Resident Commissioner Kundan Kumar was also present during the training session.

Dagar informed that every year 12 lakh youngsters lose their lives due to cardiac arrest. Therefore, his hospital has started a campaign to provide necessary training to save lives. Under this, training programs are being organized on how to save the life of a patient in case of cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest or both. "CPR is a life-saving process," he said. It is necessary to create awareness among the people of the society about this. Any common man can learn this. So that the patient can be given relief on the spot and his life can be saved. Shri Dagar said that if this type of training helps in saving even one life, then it will be a great success.

Appreciating the training program, Resident Commissioner Kundan Kumar said, "This is a process that everyone should be aware of. Which can be helpful in saving someone's life. It is hoped that the employees present here will be able to play a further important role in saving someone's life through this training program." Along with this, he also said that such training programs should be organized from time to time.

To encourage the initiative and trainer for his efforts, Mr Kumar also presented a memento to Mr Dagar in which there was a mug with Tikuli painting and stole with Madhubani handcrafted work.