Delhi doctors reconstruct fingers from toes for 10-year-old boy

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Birendra Singh
Birendra Singh

New Delhi : 10-year-old Birendra Singh will once again be able to write as doctors have successfully reconstructed his finger via "toe-to-hand" surgery at Safdarjung Hospital.

Birendra had lost his fingers and thumb in an injury caused by an electricity burn.

Birendra had burnt his hands, arms, chest and abdomen when he held onto an immersion rod used to heat water.

“He had gone out with his mother and sister when he ran back and asked the neighbours for a key to his house, saying that he needed to use the bathroom. A while later, the neighbours saw smoke and the smell of something burning and rushed into the house,” Hindustan Times quoted Badal Singh, Birendra’s father, a taxi driver.

This will be the first time in last three years when Birendra will be able to hold pen or pencil. 

The "toe-to-hand" surgery took around 10 hours for doctors to extract the big toe and the toe adjacent to it along with the arteries, veins, nerves and tendons.