Do not skip second dose of coronavirus vaccine: Dr Harsh Vardhan

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Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan (Image: Twitter/ANI)
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan (Image: Twitter/ANI)

New Delhi : Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Saturday made an appeal to all the citizens that they must take the second dose of coronavirus vaccine to get full protection from the COVID-19 infection.

A total of 17,49,57,770 doses have been delivered to the states, out of which 16,65,49,583 doses have been consumed and 84,08,187 doses are still available with the states," he said.

He also informed that 53,25,000 doses are already in pipeline and will be delivered to the states soon.

He requested the States to set aside 70 percent of the vaccines received through Government of India channel for the administration of the second dose.

Talking about the importance of vaccine, he also notified that there are 183 districts which have not reported even a single new coronavirus case within last one week.

"180 districts have showed no fresh cases in the last seven days, 18 districts in 14 days, 54 districts in 21 days and 32 districts were bereft of any fresh cases in the last 28 days," the minister apprised other members of GOM.

He also notified that more than 3 lakh people have recovered from the coronavirus in last 24 hours.

The number of patients in ICU beds is 4,88,861 while 1,70,841 patients and 9,02,291 patients are on ventilator and oxygen support, he added.