Dog Training: 5 tips to teach your dog some basic commands

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Dog Training
Dog Training

New Delhi : Having a pet child is a lot of fun and you can never have enough time with your pet dog. But being a pet parent is a lot more than just spending loads of time with your furry baby and bonding with them. Just like one needs to teach their child some basic manners, you too need to teach your pet child some basic commands. Hiring a trainer for your dog can be really expensive and not all of us can afford to spend a lot to train our dogs. This is why you can train your dog at home with some basic tips and tricks. All you need is a box of your dog's favourite treats, an open space and a training clicker (optional). It is very important to ensure that your dog listens to you and understand that you are the alpha and stays in control. Nobody likes a dog who lacks control and does not listen to his or her pet parent.

1. Sit: This is one of the most basic commands to teach your dog and it comes handy when you train them to understand other commands. Hold a treat in front of your dog and take his name and ask him to sit, eg: Brownie, sit!. Don't give your dog the treat until he sits. If your dog does not listen, lightly touch his butt and push it down slowly. Give them the treat when they listen to you. 

2. Shakehand: Hold a treat in front of your dog and ask him to shake hands or give you his paw. Hold the treat close to his paw and chances are that he will raise the paw and if he doesn't take his paw and put it in your hand and then praise them and hand them the treat. Continue doing this till he starts to give you his paw. 

3. High-five: After teaching your pet to shake hands, you can try teaching them a high-five. Hold out a treat and hold your hand high and ask him to give you a high-five. If your pet understands shake hands, chances are that he will give you a high-five immediately, if not, then you can take his paw and give yourself a high-five and then give him the treat. This will help them understand that this is how they get the treat. 

4. Stay: After you teach your dog to sit, show him an open palm and ask him to stay, let him stay in that position for 30 to 40 seconds and then let him go with an okay and give him a treat for being a good learner. 

5. Another essential training is to ensure that you make your dog understand that you are the alpha. In order to do that, remember to always ask your dog to wait for your command before he starts eating. Put a treat in front of him and ask him to wait, put your hand in the middle and stop him from eating the treat for 30 to 40 seconds, release him by saying eat and allow him to eat. Do the same with his food as well.