Extra physical activities at workplace may subtract years from your life: Study reveals

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New Delhi : Turns out that performing high level of physical activity at workplace may increase the risk of early death in men. According to a study conducted by the researchers from VU University Medical Center, men with highly physical work appeared to have subtracting years from life compared to those who have largely inactive jobs.

Men who perform extra physical task at workplace may have short lifetime. It is believed that physical activity is generally considered to be an important preventive behaviour for non-communicable disease while physical inactivity has been estimated to account for around 7 percent of the global health burden.

Accordingly, experts encourage people to perform up to 30 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity daily, but such advice do not differentiate between occupational, leisure time, and transportation-related activity.

Recent research suggest that there is proof of a physical activity paradox, with helpful health results associated with a leisure time physical activity, but harmful health outcomes for people involved in high level occupational physical activity.

Pieter Coenen and his team carried out a systematic review of data regarding the association between occupational physical activity and cause of mortality. They evaluated studies that had assessed the association of occupational physical activity with all-cause mortality and identified 17 studies from which pooled data on 193,696 participants were used in a meta-analysis.

Experts came up with the finding which showed that men with high level occupational physical activity had 18 percent higher risk of early death compared to men engaging in a low level occupational physical activity.

Therefore, it is time to set a parameter on physical activity and add some more years into the life. Be sure, to minimise the level of your hard work from now onwards.