First month of pregnancy: Early signs and symptoms of first-month pregnancy

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First month of pregnancy: Early signs and symptoms of first-month pregnancy
First month of pregnancy: Early signs and symptoms of first-month pregnancy

New Delhi : Could you be pregnant? The proof is in the pregnancy test. The pregnancy symptoms that you may experience during the first month are numerous and varied.. Know the first signs of pregnancy and why they occur.

Here are the signs to help you understand what happens in the first month of pregnancy:

No Periods: Missed periods is one of the major indications of pregnancy. As soon as you conceive, your body starts releasing progesterone hormones. These hormones are responsible for stopping your periods also.

Breast Tenderness: Your breast may feel sore or tender to touch. This is quite similar to your pre-menstrual symptoms. Your areola may become darker, and you may even notice veins on your breasts.

Changing Moods: Due to the major hormonal changes happening in your body, you may feel your moods to change quickly. One moment you may feel happy and gay, and the very next moment may invoke the feeling of despair. You may find yourself snappy for no reason. These are all very normal symptoms of pregnancy.

Tiredness: There is so much going inside your body in pregnancy. Therefore, you may find yourself low on energy and more tired than usual. The feeling of being tired and exhausted may lead to sleeplessness too.

Change in Food Habits: You may develop a liking towards certain food items, and on the contrary, you may despise some food items. It is very normal for you to have an aversion to your favourite food and you may crave the ones which you disliked.

Heartburn: Heartburns are very common in pregnancy. The various changes happening inside the body are responsible for acid refluxes and heartburns at the onset of the pregnancy. Heartburns are also very common in the later stages of pregnancy when your growing baby pushes the intestines and stomach.

Irregular Bowels: The increased levels of progesterone in the body make changes in the way various muscles function. This changed hormonal level makes the muscles to work slowly, and thus the food may pass slowly through the intestine, leading to irregular bowel movement or constipation.

Back Pain: The ligaments covering your pelvic region loosen up. This results due to increased levels of progesterone in the body. The loosened ligaments in your rear may cause back pain.

Headaches: At the beginning of your pregnancy journey, a lot going on inside your body. The increased hormones, blood volume and stress, may cause random headaches.

These are the initial symptoms that you may experience at the beginning of your first trimester. Along with these symptoms, you may notice many changes in your body too.