How to disinfect things to keep coronavirus away

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How to disinfect things to keep coronavirus away
How to disinfect things to keep coronavirus away

New Delhi : Coronavirus has engulfed the world and now countries have started to ease down lockdown restriction to live with the virus while reviving the economies. The only possible way to keep yourself safe from the virus is to keep yourself sanitized and keep things clean.

There are many unanswered questions on how to clean up certain things like vegetables, currencies and more.

How to Sanitize Fruits And Vegetables?

Using a sanitizer to disinfect fruits and vegetables is not the right way. It should be used only to clean surfaces including metals and steel. According to researchers, COVID-19 virus can remain alive on fruits and vegetables for a few hours. So, the best way to prevent infection from these commodities is to keep them under the Sun for at least 4 hours and then clean with warm water and baking soda. Additionally, you can add potassium permanganate in the water to clean them.

How to Disinfect Things Like Cheese, Butter, And Milk

Before knowing what you should do, you must be aware of what not to do. Though we know keeping certain items outside for long during summer can spoil them completely, never ever keep the dairy products directly into your refrigerator. Firstly, wash the packets with soapy water and then immediately get rid of the outer covering. Now, you can put them in the fridge. It is advisable to boil milk and let it cool down before putting it in the refrigerator.

How to Handle Ordered Cooked Food?

As we are not sure how the outside food is managed and how many people are engaged in its preparation and packaging, your risk of getting infected with COVID-19 is high if you frequently order cooked food. To minimise this risk, you can be careful while receiving and opening the order. Firstly, wash the packaging with soapy water and then get rid of it. Also, wash your hands properly before eating the food.

How to Clean Currency, Medicine Stripes, And Footwear

Sanitizer may not work on currency. You can keep them outside or avoid contact for around 4-5 hours to keep yourself safe. In case of medicine stripes, you can do the same thing. Please do not expose them to direct sunlight as doing that may affect their efficacy. On the other hand, newly bought shoes and clothes should be kept outside the house or in the balcony for around 48 hours. To disinfect clothes and footwear that you wore to step outside, wash them immediately with detergent after coming back home.