In Bhopal, doctors living in cars to protect their families

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In Bhopal, doctors living in cars to protect their families
In Bhopal, doctors living in cars to protect their families

Bhopal : As doctors are the frontline warriors in a fight against novel coronavirus pandemic, two doctors in Bhopal have moved themselves into a place that is not even enough for one, to protect their families from the contagious virus.

Sachin Nayak and Sachin Patidar, both doctors at the same government hospital in the Madhya Pradesh capital, have been living in their cars to ensure they are quarantined away from their families.

After completing their day shifts, the doctors chose to stay in their cars, away from the family to keep their loved ones out from the danger of getting coronavirus.

To pass their spare time, they read, take a nap and talk to family on the phone. Their cars have everything they need - bedsheets, clothes, laptop, and mattress.

Sachin Nayak, a father of a three-year-old, works in the isolation ward for coronavirus patients. "The pandemic spread in days, there was no time for the administration or us to's our job to fend for ourselves," NDTV reports quotes the doctor.

Dr Nayak interacts with at least 100 people and staff every day. "We collect the samples, which can spread infection, that's why I decided to live in my car," he said.

Sachin Patidar is specializing in anesthesia. Since March 31, he has also been staying in his car. He proudly gives NDTV a tour - he has soap, deodorant, a comb and shaving kit. The backseat is his bed. He is worried about the elderly members of his family.

The two doctors have collected much appreciation on social media. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also tweeted his salute to the "warriors" in the COVID-19 fight.

"I and the entire Madhya Pradesh greet warriors like you who are fighting the war against corona. If we all continue with this resolve, then we will be able to win this great war more quickly. Sachin ji, salute your spirit," Mr Chouhan tweeted.