Television in kids bedroom make them obese, impact more on girls than boys: Study

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Kids with TV in bedroom more likely to obesity, claims study
Kids with TV in bedroom more likely to obesity, claims study

New Delhi : Kids with television sets in their bedrooms are more likely to be obese, a study has revealed; adding more about its gender based impacts. Girls are more likely than boys to become overweight with TV in their bedroom.

Seven-year-old girls with TV sets in their bedrooms are at 30 per cent more risk of being obese by the age of 11 than those who don’t have it. For boys, the risk percentage is just 20 per cent.

The researchers, who tracked more than 12,500 British children, found more than half had TVs in their bedroom at age seven, reported the Daily Mail.

The findings of research by Dr Anja Heilmann were published in the International Journal of Obesity. "Childhood obesity in the UK is a major public health problem," she said.

"In England, about one third of all 11 year olds are overweight and one in five are obese.

"Our study shows that there is a clear link between having a TV in the bedroom as a young child and being overweight a few years later."

So parents take note! And decide wisely while placing a TV set in the bed room of your little one.