Mental Health: 7 warning signs of suicidal behaviour

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Mental Health: 7 warning signs of suicidal behaviour
Mental Health: 7 warning signs of suicidal behaviour

New Delhi : The sudden death of a much loved Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput has come as a rather shocking wake up call for all of us. Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from depression and committed suicide at his home in Mumbai on 14 June 2020. Nobody really saw this coming but then again mental health problems don't really come with a warning. A large number of people suffer silently due to mental health problems like depression but never get help or talk about it because it is considered a big taboo in our society. Just because you are suffering from a mental health problem and are seeing a psychiatrist does not mean that you are crazy or mad, it simply means that you're on the road to healing. But even after getting all possible help, many people suffering from major depression put an end to their lives. This is why it is important to look out for signs of suicidal behaviour and tendencies of our loved ones and ensure that we save them from themselves and that they never take such a harsh step.

Here are some warning signs of suicidal behaviour.

1. One major sign of suicidal tendency is sleeping problems. If someone sleeps too much or too little suddenly, it may be a sign that they are not in good shape and maybe feeling mentally unstable.

2. When someone suddenly becomes very calm and quiet after a long depressive episode or a period of major mood swings chances are that they may be planning to end their life by committing suicide.

3. Someone who engages in self-harm or dangerous behaviour may be very close to committing suicide. When someone cuts themselves or takes huge life risks like reckless driving or drug or alcohol abuse, it indicates that they may have lost all hope and do not value their life anymore.

4. A person with suicidal tendency will suddenly seem very withdrawn and will reduce all social interaction and isolate themselves. They may also have extreme mood swings or seem agitated or anxious or angry.

5. They may get their affairs in orders. Someone who is planning to commit suicide may suddenly out of the blue express love and emotions, this may be their way of saying goodbye. They may even get their loved ones a gift or go out for dinner and spend time with their loved ones.

6. They may give away their personal belongings and may also write notes for their loved ones. In such cases, it's best to peek into the high-risk person's personal diary to gain access to their plans.

7. Such people often feel trapped and hopeless and will show subtle signs of it. They may seem more lethargic than usual or may simply stop caring about their appearance or their health. They may even talk about feel hopeless and having no reason to live and may feel unloved.