One should know themselves and accept their own selves : Karzan Hisham

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Image: Karzan Hisham
Image: Karzan Hisham

New Delhi : The first step towards achieving your dreams is to accept the reality. Reality of being you. One should love themselves first and then can expect from the world to love them. Self-acceptance is the key.

This helps us to know are good- bad, talents, flaws and with time we can overcome them all. Imperfections are perfect.

Karzan Hisham said when he did all this he was always real in front of the camera, he never pretended anything.  He was what he is to the world . That was one of the main reasons he is immensely loved. He keeps everything so raw. He is down to earth regardless of being a star. 

The one compliment he got was when people see his vlogs they find themselves with him. Because he portrays everything so really. Everyone is touched by his work.  He is just the boy next door.

He is also an influencer.  But he never markets the products or anything for sake of money or fame. He is immensely popular on social media too. But people like to follow him because of his talent and he influences them to be real and not by faking a lifestyle that normal people cannot afford.

In this era influencers do everything just for the fame they show off their lifestyle and the luxury they have. They make it so big that it starts creating self doubt in people's mind. But Karzan Hisham is nothing like that.

Karzan is ideal for a million people. Every young person wants to be like him and learn something or the other from him. One can say people can only learn positive things from him and how you can do so much from so less.