Prevent Global Warming with CNG boost in India

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Prevent Global Warming with CNG boost in India
Prevent Global Warming with CNG boost in India

New Delhi : For a developing nation like India, switching to natural gas is the only way forward as it would ensure a cleaner and pollution free environment for our future generation. The natural gas helps greatly towards climate change for it is the purest form of fuel available. As per the experts, natural gas emits 20-30 per cent lesser Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere upon combustion than coal and fossilised petroleum oil. Natural gas also helps in generating more electricity. 

A scientist at GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Dr Prasanna K Samal said, "India is the sixth largest economy in the world. By 2050, we will be the second largest economy after China. In terms of energy consumption, we are already the third biggest consumer in the world.  

"The world is already facing the consequences of climate change in the form of incessant rain, floods, drought, cyclone. Global Warming is the root cause of all these climatic imbalances around the globe. While some areas are facing drought-like situations due to the reduction in rainfall this amounts to a low yield of the crops. The snowcapped glaciers are melting at an alarming level due to this, the water level of seas and oceans are constantly rising," Dr Samal lamented. 

India has a 7000 kilometre-long coastline and one-fourth of its population lives inside 50-kilometres of the coastal line. The rise of sea-level increases the chances of the drowning of the land masses, destruction of towns and cities near the sea, penetration of salty water into inland waters, agricultural lands getting barren.  

The executive director of GAIL, KB Singh stressed that natural gas emits a relatively lesser amount of harmful carbon monoxide gas in the atmosphere and harnessing clean energy, and using them is the only way forward. 

"It could help us improve the air-quality levels. The present economy is largely based upon fossil fuel which results in heavy carbon dioxide emission. Emission of such harmful greenhouse gasses (GHG) is directly is responsible for the climatic change and immediate global action needs to be taken to tackle it. 

"Indian cities must completely switch to using CNG and PNG (piped natural gas) as they are cleaner. The government is already making constant efforts in this direction," he signed off.