Sex-related diseases are on rise, reason revealed

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New Delhi : While we're relaxed that the sexually transmitted diseases are reducing all around the world, there is news that sex-related infections are rebounding, especially in the developed countries. Sources associated with Bloomberg states that the US has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases and is costing the country about USD16 million for preventable healthcare services.

The affect of sex-related diseases can be very serious and should definitely be taken into consideration. The rise of these diseases can have very serious repercussions. For instance, syphilis causes more than 200,000 stillbirths and infant deaths all around the world and after years can also lead to blindness, dementia or paralysis. It is important to understand the underlying causes of this rise, so the problems can be avoided and averted.

The possible reasons behind the rise of STDs are:

Irregular use of condom

While the world becomes more aware of safe contraception, some people may not be taking the need for them seriously. Inconsistent condom usage is one of the prominent causes of the rise of STDs and other related infections.

Neglect of illicit drug

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention say that the increasing rate of syphilis among women may be because of rising in sexualised drug use. Illicit drugs facilitate the process of having unprotected sex and having sex with multiple partners which increases chances of STDs.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is caused when a microbe becomes immune to an antibiotic which once could cure the illness being caused due to the microbe. Many people around the world have developed antibiotic resistance against diseases transmitted sexually like gonorrhoea and shigellosis which makes it difficult to treat and cure them.