Stay acne free this summer with these simple tips

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Acne free summer
Acne free summer

New Delhi : During summers, most people experience sudden acne breakouts on their face, upper back and chin due to excessive sun exposure. Binge on fiber rich food and maintain a proper cleansing routine to keep acne away, says an expert.

Megha Shah, Cosmetologist at Beauty and Curves Clinic, Surat, has rolled out tips that can be incorporated in daily life routine to eliminate or avoid acne in the hot season:

* Say no to acnegenic foods: No matter how often you crave for those ice creams, chocolates, cakes, and pizzas if you want to take control over your acne say no to sugars and refined flour. Certain sea-food and fatty food can also flare up acne.

* Avoid food that causes constipation: A fiber-rich diet including citrus fruits, melons, sprouts work wonders for your gut. A properly functioning excretory system prevents constipation and results in a clean, clear face.

* Cleansing routine: During summers, a lot of dirt and oil gets accumulated on the face, do not forget to wash your face at least twice a day. Use a good exfoliant once a week to shed off dead skin and clean your pores gently.

You have to be an ardent follower of a cleansing routine to banish acne during summers. A salicylic acid-based face mask is great to sooth your acne-prone skin. Tea tree oil is also great to avoid acne.

* Change your moisturiser: Moisturising your skin in summer is as important as moisturising it in winter. Therefore, choosing the right lotion is important. Always go for gel-based lotions that don't make your skin greasy.

A non-comedogenic product (that doesn't clog your pores) should be selected to avoid acne.

* Ingredients in your products: Retinol, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide are some great ingredients to control acne especially in summer. A regular application of night cream with any of these products is a good idea.

* Early treatment is the key: In case you feel that acne has aggravated beyond your control, you should visit a dermatologist immediately.

Depending on the severity of the problem the doctor will suggest advanced procedures like peels that replenish your skin from within or laser treatment such as non invasive Venus Viva that can support curing active acne and associated flaws.