Summer skin care tips for men and women

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New Delhi : Summer days are back and it is time to take extra care of your skin.  The scorching sun rays and the humid air may affect your skin to a great extend. So, you need to be careful while using any product for yourself.  In order to help you enjoy clear flawless skin this summer, we bring to you some tips from skincare expert Mohit Narang. 

Mohit Narang is a skincare expert with Avon India, a brand for beauty products. He has complete knowledge of the product to be used according to skin types. So, let’s take a look at what he has in store for us.

Facial oils: It’s one companion to work wonder throughout all seasons. This product works on all skin types and is easy to apply. The oil is a blend of natural seed oils which helps recover skin after the harsh and dry winter season.

Anti-ageing creams: Well, there is myth that anti-ageing creams are for those who have developed fine lines and wrinkles. Actually, the kind of cream can be used by people over 25 as a preventive skincare measure. Anti-ageing products are made up of pomegranate seeds to prevent fine lines that appear in the face. Besides, there are some really great seed-based products in the market, which protect from UV rays, pollution, dryness, smoke, urban dust etc.

Sun protection: Most of us wear SPF before stepping out of their house and prefer to do so with only one product. Cream with SPF has become an important parameter for people while selecting day skin care products.

Stephanie Schedel, director Training at Malu Wilz, too has some skin care tips to share:

During summer, one should stay away from products with oils and rich natural butters as they might clog fine pores or form a sweaty film on your skin.

Proper cleansing is a must-do so that pores do not get clogged by sweat and sebum. It is advisable to use a cleanser with excellent cleansing actions such as foam cleansers or gels.

Be sure to use a toner with clarifying and cooling ingredients such as neem oil and aloe vera to refresh your skin and to bring it back to balance. Men are advised to use toner instead of an after shave and use a light cooling gel as final care.

For those who suffer from puffiness under the eyes during summer time, put tea bags in your fridge and place them on your eye lids in the morning for an immediate decongestant effect. Always follow the process by light gel which moisturise the skin without leaving any oily residues. Products with Aloe Vera, panthenol and allantoin are great for relaxing eyes in summers because of their moisturising and soothing effect.