Sushant Pal uses digital revolution to create fitness wave

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Sushant Pal uses digital revolution to create fitness wave
Sushant Pal uses digital revolution to create fitness wave

New Delhi : Digital world has created a sensation in our lives. We can reach anywhere and everywhere within no time. Digital media is one of the most influential and important tool in today’s world. It is the need of the hour. With whole world standing still due to pandemic, it is the digital world that is moving with speed. It is through digital world we are able to survive. It has touched lives of lakhs of people and thousands of people have worked along their talent and passion and achieved great heights.

Be it a teacher, housekeeper or a hard core professional everyone has unique space in digital world. 

If someone have talent they can share their knowledge.

Well being an influencer is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things they need to take care off. They should work on appropriate content and also reach suitable audience.

Along with the content the knowledge of digital marketing is also very important. If an influencer owns good content but low on digital marketing they may not succeed. A blend of both is required. 

Those who can create this blend are successful in this field.

Sushant Pal is one of such names. This vibrant, young and bright guy is stirring fitness industry with his passion and also fashion. He himself is a fitness freak and very passionate to share his knowledge. He is happening and working well for him. 

Currently, he has more than 20k followers on Instagram. The audience is highly attracted to this guy. His videos are fun but very informational. He is also associated with well-known 250+ brands including Puma and many more. 

He is working as brand ambassador with Blendjet. This fashion influencer is making amazing impact on others. 

We wish him all the best for future endeavours.

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