This is how to grow thick, long hair in no time

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This is how to grow thick, long hair in no time
This is how to grow thick, long hair in no time

New Delhi : Long hair is one thing that never goes out of fashion and many struggle to keep them maintained as growing them is a time taking process. So, if you also desire to grow long hair and do not want to bear the pain of long wait then here are some tricks which would be of your interest.

#Massage: Oiling is the best process to increase the blood circulation and provide the needed moisture to the hair scalps. If you have an oily scalp then massage your head once a week and if you have a dry scalp then do it twice.

#Natural Ways: Switch your regular products with the natural ones. Organic and natural products with no silicones, sulphites, parabels and colourants will make you feel the change in the growth of your hairs. Eliminating chemicals from your hair keeps the optimal moisture and makes hair look healthier and full of life.

#Conditioning: Keeping away from the artificial products and conditioning hairs with smoothness of ingredients like coconut oil, Babassu oil and honey; such products also keep your hair frizz free.

#Heat: Avoid blowers and hairdryers on your hair as they reduce the growth of your hairs.

#Natural Oil: Try not to wash your hair too much as removes the natural oil from the hairs that is helpful in nourishment. Just wash each day of the week for the best results.