Weight loss: These diet food items are actually unhealthy and harmful for your body

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Weight loss diet
Weight loss diet
We're all very careful about our health these days and watch what we put inside our bodies. It's a very good thing to be careful about your diet but if your "diet" seems to have a negative impact on your health, that is not a good sign. It is very important that we think and do our research before we pick out the food for our diet. You may think that you are eating healthy but it is essential to understand that there are a large number of unhealthy food items out there under the guise of "healthy food" or "diet food". You might be working hard in the gym and following a strict diet but some of your diet food items might be the reason why your weight loss goals don't seem any closer. The diet food myths and unethical marketing could lead you to eat unhealthy food without even realising it. Here are some supposed diet foods that are actually bad for your weight loss diet. 

1. Now many of us love our soda and can't let them go, diet or not. In such cases, people try to switch to diet sodas which are known to have lesser calories and sugar content but the fact is that they may not have sugar but they do have some or other form of an artificial sweetener which can be detrimental for our health. 

2. People who diet tend to add a lot of juices and smoothies to their diets but that's fine only as long as you drink fresh juice or smoothie made at home because the packaged or bottled juices and smoothies or even detox beverages are not good for your health. They lack fiber and often contain a high amount of sugar or artificial sweetener which can add on to the number of calories you consume. They also lack nutrients due to preservatives.

3. Oatmeal is a common diet food and it is known to be high in nutrition as well as fiber but a lot of people end up having ready to eat or instant oatmeal. There are a number of brands which sell different flavoured oatmeal packets which can instantly be cooked with some water and while it makes your life easier, it worsens your health. Instant oats lack the fiber and nutrients which are found in whole oatmeal. 

4. Health bars or energy bars are the most common item to snack on for people who diet. While it does have nutritional value and can provide instant energy and make you feel full, it does have a drawback. Most such energy or health bars have high sugar and calorie content. 

5. There are numerous other processed and fat-free or low-calorie food items out there which are not very healthy and this is why we need to be careful when picking our diet food. In fact, even bread like multigrain or whole wheat bread is not healthy because they lack fiber and only have refined grains which do not have any health benefits and can only spoil your weight loss goals.