Desi Detox Drinks: 5 homemade beverages that are essential for our health

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Detox Drinks
Detox Drinks

New Delhi : We often come across some pricey beverages from numerous brands which are known to have detoxifying effects. Every now and then we all feel the need to detox and nothing gets better than a detox drink and while that's a great idea, we don't really know what goes in, in these detox beverages and this is we need to be a little more careful where our health is concerned. We need to pick the right detox drinks but why pick them off a shelf when we can make them at home with natural ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen and at the local market. Detox drinks can play a major role in aiding your weight loss diet and it can also have a positive effect on your skin. Now many of you must be wondering why do we even need a detox? Well, we come in contact with a lot of toxic ingredients and contents and often end up consuming them in different forms. All the preservatives and pesticides and other such toxins can do a lot of harm and this is why we need our regular dose of homemade detox drinks.

1. Aam panna, other than being delicious this beverage can also work as the perfect detox beverage. It usually contains cumin, jeera and mint leaves along with mango which can be refreshing and can cleanse our body. 

2. A cup of haldi tea or warm water with turmeric powder can be great for our body. Turmeric is known for its health benefits and medicinal properties. You can make haldi tea by adding some finely chopped ginger, 1/4th teaspoon of black pepper or a pinch of black pepper powder in a cup of boiling water. Add half a spoon of haldi and one spoon of honey and let it come to a boil. Drain it and sip on it to get rid of the toxins in your body. 

3. Make a desi detox juice with some carrots, beetroots, spinach, mint leaves, celery and apples. Add some honey and cinnamon powder for extra flavour and drink it up without any fuss. 

4. There's nothing better than a glass of fresh lime juice with sabja seeds and some tulsi and mint leaves. You can also add a pinch of ashwagandha powder and use honey to sweeten it instead of sugar. 

5. Most of us have had that bitter and absolutely disgusting karela juice at least once in our lifetime and while it may taste horrible, it has numerous health benefits which make it one of the best desi detox drink. You can also add some amla juice to your bitter karela juice for added benefits and flavour.