Do's and Don'ts during Pregnancy,may lead to miscarriage

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Do's and Don'ts during Pregnancy,may lead to miscarriage
Do's and Don'ts during Pregnancy,may lead to miscarriage

New Delhi : Pregnancy is a precious time in woman's life and the unborn baby remains the prime concern. When a woman conceives, she should be very careful in performing her routine activities. From small amount of food to each movement, all her actions are closely associated with the development of the foetus. Even, reading books, emotions, style of sleeping and walking determines the nature of the tiny life. 

During pregnancy, relatives, friends and doctors often advice things she should eat and drink to ensure better growth of the baby in the womb. Besides diet chart during pregnancy, there are lot more things to consider to prevent further complications.

In terms of diet, pregnant woman should stop consuming alcohol, caffeine and smoking. In addition, there are a set of activities she cannot do when pregnant. Let’s discuss about things that one should avoid when pregnant for the sake of baby’s health.

Do's and Don'ts during Pregnancy

  • Do not try to take ride on roller coaster, water slides etc on amusement parks
  • Do not participate in sports
  • Do not ride a bicycle
  • Do not perform exercises that calls for lifting heavy weights
  • Do not perform work out that need to lie on stomach
  • Do not take hot bath or sit in a Jacuzzi
  • Do not go for sauna bathing
  • Do not run or walk fast during advanced pregnancy stage
  • Do not practice yoga that has twist and turn positions
  • Do not take ride on a horse, elephant, camel etc
  • Do not take drive on bumpy roads
  • Do not go hiking, trekking or any adventure sports

All the aforesaid points can cause miscarriage and injury to your baby. Rides should be avoided because they can cause dizzy and can result in falls. Also one must avoid sports like football, cricket, and volleyball and so on which could lead to ligament or muscle injury. Women in their second trimester or further should avoid cycling because expanding belly will be hard to balance when riding a bicycle. You can fall because of the imbalance which is huge risk to the foetus. 

Now lifting weights or lying on your stomach to do an exercise can be very uncomfortable to do when pregnant. An attempt can also cause a lot of pain and injury in the related muscles. 

Doctors often suggest not taking hot bath of sit in Jacuzzi because they often cater to multiple people and are kept in unhygienic conditions. Any kind of infections can be harmful to the baby's growth and your health. Also the temperature in sauna or a hot bath can cause injury to your baby too. You may use warm water that is around the same temperature as your body. 

It is advisable not to run in advanced pregnancy because any kind of imbalance may lead to serious problem. Tough yoga during pregnancy must be avoided as body may contort, stretch and twist which might not be the best when pregnant. 

House hold chorus which include lifting heavy weight must be avoided such as cleaning of the house, mowing the lawn, gardening, bending and washing the clothes by hand. Doing this can raise your body temperature to an uncomfortable level. 

One should avoid any kind of animal ride as the jostling movement experienced while riding can be injurious to growing baby. Furthermore, hiking in difficult should be avoided as it may cause injury or lead into early labor which can be fatal for baby and the mother as well.