Which room does each zodiac sign feel most connected to in their home?

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Which room does each zodiac sign feel most connected to in their home?
Which room does each zodiac sign feel most connected to in their home?

New Delhi : Now that we're all stuck at home we have no choice but to sit home and find ways to pass time. After a long stressful and sometimes hectic day, all we really want to do is chill and relax without any interruptions. Now the best way to do that is to move to your personal and beloved space in the house. Intentionally or unintentionally, we all have a fixed place inside our homes where we find peace and quiet. We find time to just move to our favourite spot in the house and spend some me-time there. This can be for a number of reasons. We tend to connect to a particular place at our home because it might be a reflection of who we are or might simply having a calming impact on us. This could be because of the colour theme of the place or the decor or it could just be the comfort it provides. Zodiac signs and personality places a major role in this and can help us understand why we do what we do. Here's a list of the part of the home that every zodiac sign connects to.

1. Aries

People from this sign like things that stand out and are versatile. They prefer the basement because it's the perfect place to turn into whatever they want as per their comfort. A theatre or a gym or a gaming room, anything that floats their boat. 

2. Taurus

Taureans like being pampered and cared for and when someone else doesn't do it for them they indulge in self-care and the bathroom is the perfect place for some pedicures and manicures or maybe even a spa day! 

3. Gemini

This social butterfly prefers the guest room or the living room. That's where they get to meet the most people and interact with new people. Expand their horizons along with their social circle. 

4. Cancer

They spend all their time worrying about their loved ones and caring for them. They're strictly family-oriented and like to spend their time in the kitchen trying to cook something to feed their loved ones. They are nurturing people. 

5. Leo

People from this sign like to relax every now and then. They also love appreciating themselves and the only place they connect with in their home is the bathroom where they can relax and also look at themselves in the mirror and appreciate themselves. 

6. Virgo

They like a clean or rather a neat place and what better than a clean untouched bedroom where they go to get some rest? 

7. Libra

They like a warm, cosy but fun place and the best place to suit their personality is the dining room. This is where they can snack on something delicious while having a deep conversation. 

8. Scorpio

People from this sign love their privacy and the bedroom is the perfect place for them. They're known to be secretive and intense. They need some personal time or me time to keep going.

9. Sagittarius

This adventurous sign loves exploring the world and the best place for their comfort is the balcony. That's the place from where they can peek into the world and dream to explore.

10. Capricon

This sign loves their work and is very focused on achieving their career and growth goals. They love spending their time in their home office because it gives them a sense of peace. This is their natural environment where they're most comfortable. 

11. Aquarius

They love spending some chill time with their loved one and that's probably why they like to spend some time in their backyard sipping a beverage or putting up a campfire or just watching the stars with some good music in the background.

12. Pisces

They like a comfortable and cosy place to enjoy their time and the living room is just the place they want to be in while they daydream and spend their time or indulge in some romance.