6 types of toxic coworkers that you should avoid at your workplace

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6 types of toxic coworkers that you should avoid at your workplace
6 types of toxic coworkers that you should avoid at your workplace

New Delhi : Having a friend at work or a work wife is very important for all of us. We all spend most of our time at work these days and it is important to build relationships at our workplace. Moreover, this also helps us find a support system at work. A work friend who has a back no matter what but sometimes we fail to recognise the toxic people at workplace and end up being friends with them which can have a negative impact on our work life as well as mental health. It's okay to be around people who don't share the same ideologies and opinions but when this causes the rift between people and creates bigger issues that's when you should understand that there is more to it. Some people simply have toxic habits or are just toxic in general and this tends to take a toll on our mental and emotional health as well as our work. This can increase your stress make it very difficult to work together as a team. This often takes a toll on your work life as well as your professionalism. This is why it is important to spot toxic people at work and avoid them because a relationship with toxic people is not going to get you anywhere in life. Here are some kind of toxic people that you should avoid.

1. Avoid people who think that they're better than everyone else and know everything there is to know. They can be competitive and manipulative. They might pull you back and keep you from reaching your potential and make you feel inferior.

2. The gossip lover of your office is not the best person to be friends with and trust. Such people find it difficult to keep things to themselves and are not trustworthy. They might pull you into some unnecessary drama and spread negativity in your work life.

3. Some people just control freaks and want everything to go there way and when that doesn't happen it stresses them out and they will stop at nothing. They often tend to drain out the people around them.

4. We often come across people who can't help but lie. It becomes their second nature and such people will lie to get their way in life. They use their lies as stepping stones to success. Such people mostly attract drama and make your professional life stressful and difficult. 

5. We're all lazy every now and then but there are also those who just procrastinate all the time. They find ways to not do their work and might end up distracting you while they're at it and reduce your productivity as well.

6. No matter where you go you will always come across people who simply dislike everything. They're always complaining about things and they're always very jealous and judgemental of those around them. They're probably the ones sitting in a corner and complaining about how they deserved the award more than the person who received it. That's just because they're jealous of other people's success.