While doing this activity, you can ditch your mask

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File photo [Image credit: Freepik]
File photo [Image credit: Freepik]
Some of us have been making the most of the pandemic and have been exercising a lot. Getting outside to work-out in the park, go for a run or a bicycle ride was the best way to escape the stressors.
But the question was whether there is a need to be wearing masks if you are exercising outside.
Recently, Anthony Fauci, MD, cleared up the confusion about wearing a mask during one exercise. According to Dr Faunci, you don't need to wear a mask when you're riding a bike.
Isn’t it great news?
Anthony Fauci was a guest on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Host Trevor Noah asked Fauci whether we should be wearing a mask while riding a bike out on the street.
"No, not necessarily, but you should have your mask with you in case you come into close contact with people outside," Fauci said. "If you're alone and there's nobody near you, and you're riding your bike, you don't need to wear a mask."
Exercising outside while maintaining social distancing poses a low risk of transmitting corona, which makes wearing a mask less of a necessity. If you want to bike without a mask worry-free, you should try to pick a time and place where you're less likely to come in close contact with others.
Fauci further told Noah that he puts his mask on between bites while eating at restaurants, and recommends others do the same to mitigate their risk of contracting COVID. 
Noah further asked Fauci if he would wear a mask at a movie theater with only two other people in the seats. Fauci said he would keep his mask on to be extra cautious, but it's not totally necessary if you're socially distanced.