World Heart Day: 6 important things you should do daily to protect your heart 

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Heart Health (Image: Pixabay)
Heart Health (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : There are many things that can raise your risk for heart disease. They are called risk factors. Some of them you cannot control, but there are many that you can control. Learning about them can lower your risk of heart disease.

Six steps 

Be active: Exercise has many benefits, including strengthening your heart and improving your circulation. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. All of these can lower your risk of heart disease.

Control your cholesterol and blood pressure: Cholesterol is essential to your body’s functioning, but high cholesterol levels can increase your risk of a range of health conditions, including heart attack or stroke, High blood pressure is a leading risk factor for heart disease, which means regular blood pressure checks are an important part of maintaining your heart health. At home, manage your blood pressure by following a heart-healthy eating pattern.

Eat healthy food: Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. an example of an eating plan that can help you to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, two things that can be an important part of maintaining your heart health

Stop smoking and alcohol: Alcohol consumption increases your risk of some heart conditions and the more you drink, the more your risk increases, smoking damaging your blood vessels to clogging your arteries and reducing the amount of oxygen in your blood, smoking dramatically increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease.

Reduce stress: Try engaging with healthy stress management techniques like meditation and physical activity, as well as following a heart healthy eating pattern and maintaining a healthy weight.

Control your blood sugar: Managing your blood sugars has a lot in common with general heart health advice – follow a heart-healthy eating pattern, get regular physical activity, reduce your alcohol intake to below NHMRC recommendations and don’t smoke. If you’re on diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure medication, make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions for how and when to take your medicine. 

Maintain healthy weight: Being overweight or having obesity  can increase your risk for heart disease. This is mostly because they are linked to other heart disease risk factors, including high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower your chances of getting heart disease.