3rd Ekam World Peace Festival holds meditation for ending violence against animals and nature

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Ekam World Peace Festival
Ekam World Peace Festival

New Delhi : Ekam World Peace Festival on Wednesday (August 12) organised ' Online Peace Meditation for ending violence against animals and nature and called for nurturing and awakening a sense of oneness with all life forms.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are the Co-creators of Ekam, a powerhouse created to impact human consciousness, led the online meditation and coaxed for treating every living being love and compassion. 

The 7-day online international Ekam Peace Festival is one of their contributions to humanity towards creating a safe and harmonious planet for every life form for generations to come. On this occasion, Erik Solheim - a former minister in Norway for the environment and international development - was invited as the guest speaker. 

Every ancient people exalted peace. Shanti, shalom, salaam… all mean peace. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji say peace is for none or peace are for everyone. It is only a peaceful human being that can create peaceful families, peaceful economies, peaceful nations, and a peaceful Earth.

EKAM intends to send the message that peace is a fundamental experience we all need to attain to and it is a universal seeking. 

The aim of this festival is that peace does not know discrimination. Every conflict is resolved only by awakening to peace. The peace festival is open for everyone. To support everyone through the current COVID crisis the festival is hosted online, and its reach is exponentially larger than ever with 10 million participants from across the world.

Sri Preethaji elucidating on the nature of our relationships with all life said, "We are inseparable from nature. We are Prakriti and Purusha. Prakriti is nature and Purusha is the human soul. We breathe for each other. We cannot expect to be safe and harmonious when Mother Earth is hurting.”

He said, "The ancients several thousands of years ago said - Maatha Bhomihi-Putro Aham. Earth is our mother and we are her children.

We cannot live exploiting her for it not just hurts her alone but it hurts all of us. When your heart opens to Mother Earth - a great peace will awaken in you that will help you hold success and failure, youth and old age- all patiently without being carried away by pride or blame - by pleasure or pain. Humans and nature are connected in very mystic ways. Opening up to this connection we share opens us to the greater intelligence of the Universe. Which then allows us to create sustainable economies that nurture Mother Earth and us.

Erik Solheim - a former minister in Norway for the environment and international development, a winner of ' The Champion of the Earth award,'  and ' Time Magazine’s Hero of the Environment award ' - was the guest speaker today. Solheim has contributed to the peace process in Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nepal, and Myanmar. 

On Ekam's World Peace Festival, he said, "All religions have metaphorically communicated the importance of protecting and sustaining Mother Earth.  For example, Lord Ganesha who is a half-human and half-animal - ancient Hindus tried to tell us that nature and humans are inseparable. The colour of Islam is green. Again, illustrating the connection, we share with Mother Earth. If we can realise this connection, we would allow Mother Earth to thrive."

Mr. Solheim also said India is fast becoming a middle-class nation from being a poor-nation. A similar consistent effort towards protecting other life forms will allow the Earth to thrive. I see and believe PM Modi is taking the right steps in that direction too.

Sri Preethaji leads 10 million people through a powerful meditation awakening us to connection and compassion towards all life forms.

Tomorrow Sri Krishnaji will lead scores of seekers and peace meditators from across the globe through wisdom and meditation for ending domestic violence against women and awakening to love and respect towards them.