5 Myths That Discourage People from Getting Home Solar Panels Installed on Their Property

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Solar Panels and its myths
Solar Panels and its myths

New Delhi : Are you one of those people who are confused about getting a solar panel system installed on your property because of the myths surrounding home solar panels? Well, if your answer is yes then you should continue reading this post as it will help you debunk some of the most common myths around home solar panels. So let’s get started without further adieu. 

1. Solar Panels Don't Generate Enough Power On Rainy Days

One of the most common myths about home solar panels is that they do not work during rainy days because of lack of sunlight. The fact is that while the output of a solar panel does get impacted on a cloudy day or when there isn’t enough sunlight, that impact is not as big as you may think it is. Also, there are highly efficient solar panels available in the market that are not impacted much by such issues and continue performing the same as they would on a regular day.

2. Solar Panels Are Very Expensive

It is because of this myth that most homeowners don’t go solar. They think that solar panels are very expensive and are not easily affordable. That’s probably because they do not consider the long-term returns that solar panels offer. Also, many of them are not even aware that the governments are offering subsidies to promote the use of solar panel systems. 

Pro Tip - Even if you borrow money to buy a solar panel system, the monthly savings that you make would surpass both the principal and the interest you pay, in the long run.

3. Solar Panel Systems Require A Lot Of Maintenance

Many people believe that solar panels are high maintenance. We don’t know where these beliefs stem from but the fact is that it is exactly the opposite. Solar panels require negligible maintenance. Solar panels just require one or at max two annual clean-ups. They don’t have to be cleaned during the rainy season as the dirt, debris, and dust that accumulates on the solar panels gets washed away during the rainy season. 

4. Solar Panels Should be Installed Only in Far Off Areas with No Grid Supply

That’s not true. Many people install solar panel systems because they want to reduce their dependence on the local grids. That’s because the electricity rates charged by some local grids are exorbitantly high. Similarly, if the local grids do not provide a regular power supply and there’s an issue of long and frequent power cuts then one may want to install solar panels for home.

5. Installing Solar Panels Might Damage My Roof

It’s always recommended to get a physical inspection done before you get a home solar panel installed on your property. Make sure you get the inspection done through a reputable solar products company such as Luminous India. That’s because a professional solar expert would never recommend you to install a solar panel unless your roof is structurally strong enough to bear the installation process. 

Yet to take the plunge? 

If you were unsure of going solar because you believed in any of these myths, we hope that now you would definitely reconsider your decision. Also, we suggest you check out Luminous India’s wide array of solar products as the company has an excellent track record of offering quality products and unmatched customer service.