6 Ways to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Master Bedroom Designs

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6 Ways to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Master Bedroom Designs (Image Source: Shutterstock)
6 Ways to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Master Bedroom Designs (Image Source: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : Maybe you're mainly content with your bedroom, but then when you look about, it still feels a little drab. You enjoy your furnishings and the colour palette, but something is conspicuously absent. Even a well-decorated bedroom might suffer from the mugginess if nothing in the décor reflects your own distinctive style. Fortunately, you can lift your bedroom out of the blues with just one or two well-chosen touches that showcase your true self. Here are eleven bedrooms to get your creative juices flowing—into a master bedroom that is everything but dull.

# 1 Reflect Your Artistic Side 

Are your walls blank swaths of white? Although few individuals neglect to put paintings in the living room, its aesthetic influence in the bedroom is mostly disregarded. Hang your favourite artwork, poster, print, or family pictures on the wall above your headboard or on the bedroom wall with the most available space. You'll feel a surge of interest right away. Are you feeling ambitious? Make a magnificent gallery wall by combining numerous items.

# 2 Let Your Head Board Shine 

Even the most unremarkable bedroom may be transformed into something unique with the addition of a beautiful headboard. Consider the following example: a lovely but unremarkable bland bedroom receives a significant style boost from the magnificent upholstered headboard. A distinctive headboard may offer just the right amount of excitement and variety to an otherwise bland master bedroom design.

# 3 Choose the Metalic Bling 

A little glitter can liven up even the most boring attire, and it's no different in the bedroom. A few bits of sparkle, whether from glassware, metal, or reflective decorations, such as the rhinestones, may help to lift your spirits. Warmer metallics, particularly gold, are extremely popular right now, but if you like the cold hues of silver or steel, go on and add a touch to your master bedroom design. Take care, though, since although a little sheen is nice, too much metal may be overbearing.

# 4 Choose Hues 

While neutrals are relaxing, a master bedroom design with no contrast is monotonous. Not to worry—a few vibrant throw cushions can give a splash of colour to your bed.   As a general guideline, three accent pillows that harmonise (but do not have to match completely) in colour, style, or pattern will look best on your bed.

# 5 Give Your Lighting an Upgrade 

Is the only item hanging from your bedroom ceiling a lightbulb housed in a frosted glass bowl? Boring! Replace your drab ceiling fixture with something stunning. Even if you don't change anything else in your master bedroom design, a striking ceiling light adds instant flare. There are virtually infinite styles to select from, or you can even create your own hanging light, so you're sure to find something you like.

# 6 How About an Indoor Garden

When it comes to bringing life into the master bedroom design, you can't really go wrong with anything alive. Houseplants not only offer colour, variety, and organic appeal to your bedroom, but they also assist in filtering the air. Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can cultivate simple plants like pothos, Chinese evergreen, or dracaena.

So, these were a few of the easiest ways to bring a personalized charm to your master bedroom design. However, if you’re thinking about giving your bedroom a Pinterest-approved look, get in touch with reputed interior design firms such as Livspace. Livspace is one of the biggest names in the interior design industry and caters to a range of design services. With Livspace, you can set your interior décor woes aside and enjoy the process of bringing your dream home to life. 

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